Leaderfin Monopinna Hyper Carbon

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Leaderfin Monopinna Hyper Carbon

– Hyper carbon monofin with an angle in foot pocket ~ 22 degrees for optimal performance.
– The blade is made of a high quality multilayered fiberglass and carbon material, which is considered to be the best for monofins manufacturing, and is extremely resilient and reactive.
– High quality foot pockets from soft rubber work like a natural extension of your legs.
– Monofin (with foot size XL) dimensions ~ 72 x 70 centimeters.(width x length).
– Monofin weight ~ 3,8 kg
– The monofin has negative buoyancy at the surface.
– This monofin is a great choice for finswimming, dynamic apnea and CWT freediving.

Monofin has negative buoyancy.
Neoprene socks protect your foot and make the fins more comfortable to wear.



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